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Hybrid Fly Ash Conveying System

Hybrid fly ash conveying is ideal for transfer of very large amounts of material to storage / loadout facilities located at remote locations of the plant.

View the system diagram below to see the components comprising the hybrid conveying system. An aeration blower furnishes fluidizing air to the air gravity conveyors. Automatic hopper valves open in sequence allowing fly ash to fall into the air gravity conveyor moving to a large pressure feeder.

When the pressure feeder fills to the appropriate level, the fill valve closes. The feeder pressurizes, the discharge valve opens and the ash is fed into the pressurized conveying line. The ash is conveyed to the silo and conveying air is vented through the silo baghouse.


With the hybrid fly ash conveying system a transfer vessel can serve a row or rows of hoppers. Material flows downhill from the hopper outlets into the transfer vessel. The vessel fills quickly and discharges into the conveying line at a high solids to air ratio. Dense phase conveying results in a high transfer rate to storage facilities long distances from the hoppers.
  • Conveying material from hopper to storage with fewer pressure vessels
  • Unload multiple hoppers at once
  • Feed air conveyors from hoppers flexible inlets isolate movement
  • Run carbon steel pipe on straight routes
  • Apply wear resistant hardened fittings with heat-treated spool pieces at high wear bend locations only
  • Hold conveying velocities to the optimum range for material suspension and low wear characteristics