LB Industrial Systems - Innovation by Design Mass Storage - Tank
Mass Storage Tank

LB Industrial Systems designed, supplied and installed this 10,000 ton capacity bolted and gasketed tank for the storage of class C fly ash. The tank receives ash from the power plant by pneumatic (pressure) transfer system. Transfer air is vented through a roof mounted bin vent filter. Ash is recovered by a floor mounted LB vacuum retrieval system which uses an array of aeration elements and vacuum nozzles to aerate and pull the ash to the associated vacuum filter/collector (foreground). The ash is transferred by pressure to another silo in the plant for truck and rail loading

  • Up to 100 TPH Removal Rate
  • Storage of materiial for later retrieval
  • New or reuse existing tank
  • Integral Dust Collection
  • Modulating Controls
Oil Tank Converted to Store and Retrieve Fly Ash