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Vacuum Fly Ash Conveying System

Fly Ash Filter/Collectors

Choose vacuum fly ash conveying to transfer moderate amounts of material to adjacent storage / loadout facilities. View the system diagram below to see the components comprising the vacuum conveying system. A positive displacement vacuum blower pulls air through the intake on the conveying pipe. Automatic hopper valves open in sequence allowing fly ash to fall into the air stream moving to the vacuum collector on top of the silo. A deflector plate and filters in the collector separate material from the air flow to the blower. Material accumulates in the collector hopper and falls into the airlock vessel. The valve on top of the airlock isolates the silo from the collector. When the airlock vessel fills the top valve closes and the bottom valve opens to empty the airlock vessel into the silo.

  • Convey material from hopper to storage with vacuum all the way
  • Reduce height requirement under hoppers with low profile piping
  • Seal pipe joints with flanged, bolted connections expansion joints accommodate hopper movement
  • Run carbon steel pipe on straight routes
  • Apply wear resistant hardened fittings with heat-treated spool pieces at high wear bend locations only

  • Sizes Available 5ft & 8ft diameter or custom sizing.
  • Reinforced no leak tube sheet
  • Standard High-Efficiency Acid/Base Resistant Filter Cartridges
  • Everlasting dual rotating disc valves at high wear positions
  • Specialty high-temperature models for hot side operation
  • Walk-in plenum standard for ease of maintenance
  • Hardened material inlet deflector plate
  • High level and high filter differential pressure protective circuits
  • Designed to withstand maximum possible vacuum