LB Industrial Systems - Innovation by Design Vacuum/Pressure Conveying
Vacuum/Pressure Fly Ash Conveying System

Fly Ash Filter/Collectors

  • Sizes Available 5ft & 8ft diameter or custom sizing.
  • Reinforced no leak tube sheet
  • Standard High-Efficiency Acid/Base Resistant Filter Cartridges
  • Everlasting dual rotating disc valves at high wear positions
  • Specialty high-temperature models for hot side operation
  • Walk-in plenum standard for ease of maintenance

Pressure Transfer Vessel-Top Discharge

  • Sizes available from 10 cu. ft. to 250 cu. ft
  • Large, full-diameter bottom airpad assures thorough aeration
  • Top discharge provides even “metering” of ash into transfer line
  • Full interior access for easy visual inspection
  • Everlasting® dual rotating disk valves in high wear position

Pressure Transfer Vessel-Bottom Discharge

  • Sizes available range from 25 to 100cu ft capacity
  • Cone bottom with airpads assure positive aeration & flow for more positive aeration & flow for more granular materials
  • Externally replaceable airpad reduce maintenance down time