Georgia Power Company-

Plant Bowen

Cartersville, Georgia

Dry fly ash vacuum collection / pressure transfer (dense phase) equipment was installed on all four units as a result of a competitive bid process.  The networked processor control system provides maximum operating flexibility.

PAC Machine, Pneumatic Conveying, Conditioning System

Fly ash for disposal is conveyed up to a mile to the Portable Ash Conditioning (PAC) Machine in the landfill at conveying rates up to 250 tons per hour in a dense phase mode.   The PAC machine is a fully equipped skid mounted plant which includes a silo, baghouse, diesel generator, ash conditioner, radial stacker, aeration system, compressed air system, fuel tank, water tank, and networked control system.

Transfer Station Installation

New landfills were installed on the other side of the units at a distance of 9052 ft from the existing silos. A transfer station was installed at 5090 ft from the silos to receive ash from the silos and the retransfer it the final 3962 ft to the PAC Machine at a transfer rate of 200 TPH.