In Landfill Process

LBIS offers a range of landfill receiving and conditioning equipment that provide solutions to various challenges. Material can be received by a dump truck, pneumatic truck, or directly conveyed to a receiver hopper in a dust-free operation. Each situation can be unique so LBIS evaluates each situation and based on our years of experience can recommend the right solution for your processing needs. Below are two of our innovations for landfill processing of bulk materials:

The PAC machine, Portable Ash Conditioner, was designed for continuous, automated conditioning and placement of class F fly ash in the middle of an active ash pond. The site was in accessible to trucks and impractical for permanent foundations. A low center-of-gravity silo and auxiliary equipment was supported on low ground pressure skids. The PAC machine has been moved within the ash pond/ash-fill several times.

Fly ash for disposal is conveyed up to a mile to the Portable Ash Conditioning (PAC) Machine in the ash-fill at conveying rates up to 250 tons per hour in a dense phase mode. The PAC machine is a fully equipped skid mounted plant which includes a silo, baghouse, diesel generator, ash conditioner, radial stacker, aeration system, compressed air system, fuel tank, water tank, and networked control system.

PAC Machine, Pneumatic Conveying, Conditioning System
Mobile In Landfill Pneumatic Conveying Conditioning System
PAC Machine, Pneumatic Conveying, Conditioning System, Mixer
Conditioning System on the PAC Machine

LBIS personnel invented (US Patent No. 5,351,630) and deployed a Mobile Ash Conditioning System (MACS) for Class C fly ash. The MACS machine is a trailer-mounted fly ash conditioning plant that is stationed in the power plant ash fill and is designed to continuously mix Class C fly ash with a precise ratio of water. The conditioned ash is stockpiled in the ash fill using belt conveyors and/or mobile equipment. The uniformity of the process led to successful marketing of the material for road building and stabilization of oily waste ponds. Dry fly ash is delivered to the MACS by a specially designed sealed vehicle that loads like a tanker and discharges like a dump truck. The system design eliminates fugitive dust issues.

This system was installed in two power plants. Similar systems were installed in additional power plants which involved stationary ash-fill-based conditioning plants fed by conventional pneumatic tankers or by pneumatic conveying pipelines.

MACS Machine, Landfill Conditioner
Stationary In Landfill Dump Truck Conditioning System
Dust Free Dump, Conditioning System
Dust Free Dump Truck In Landfill Conditioning System
Dust Free Dump, Conditioning System
Dust Free Dump Truck In Landfill Conditioning System