Storage Retrieval Systems

LBIS recommends flat floor storage reclaim systems for mass storage domes and tanks. These systems are designed for materials that can be easily fluidized, like ash or cement, and have significant savings to construction cost in lieu of a sloped floor while maintaining your reclaim efficiency and requiring less energy consumption.

Our flat floor systems utilize vacuum pods with aeration trays to fluidize the stack of material around the vacuum pod. Other systems require a sloped floor and/or tunnel beneath or moving equipment inside the dome. These pods are arranged to cover 8% to 10% of the floor and recover 90% to 98% of the stored material. Other systems require 88% floor coverage to achieve the same removal rate. Each pod is aerated and has a center vacuum pickup point that vacuums the material into a header around the dome. This header is connected to a collector (filter separator) which separates the material from the vacuum air stream. The material is then loaded into a transfer vessel where the material is pressure conveyed to the final destination. These systems have been in operation for more than 20 years, can be fully automated, and require very little maintenance.