Airslide Conveyors

In situations where there is little headroom available, LBIS will use gravity airslide conveyors. Gravity airslide conveyors will transport aeratable material at a minimum loss and height, by flowing down an aerated bed. LBIS commonly uses gravity airslide conveyors to discharge out of silos or hoppers and move material to a separate loadout, or to an additional step in your process. 

Similar applications are commonly used to aerate the interiors of flat bottom tanks and domes.

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Vacuum Blowers, Filter Separators, Negative Pressure Conveying, Vacuum Transfer.
Installation of dual pneumatic vacuum conveyors as part of a storage dome reclaim system.
Airslide, gravity conveyors, flat floor recovery
Installation Airslide installation as part of a flat bottom recovery system.
Airslide, gravity conveyors, Silo Discharge
Silo Discharge with Airslides