Bulk Material Storage

LBIS partners with many industry-leading Bulk Storage System manufacturers and Contractors to produce a storage facility that meets your specific needs for volume and configuration.

Shop Welded Storage Silos

Shop Welded Storage Silos are low maintenance, weather-resistant, secure material storage systems for industrial processing operations. Silos are available in a wide range of designs for specific applications and can be supported by a skirt, structural legs, or mobile/temporary.

Bolted Storage Tanks

Bolted storage tanks offer an economical solution to large volume storage needs. One of the key advantages of Bolted Storage Tanks is that they are fabricated in a controlled environment and assembled at the job site.

Bolted Storage Tanks offer flexibility in design to maximize material handling needs, and account for a particular material’s bridging behavior promoting uncompromised material flow, by utilizing flat floor technology or elevated with a sloped hopper.

Dome Storage Structures

For large bulk material storage solutions, Dome Storage Structures are proven time and time again to be a viable solution for bulk material storage needs. These structures are custom engineered and constructed to meet the needs of each individual application. Bulk material storage domes can securely contain incredibly large volumes of materials within one structure.

For many materials flat floor construction can be utilized while still achieving high percentage removal rates of the contents to make the best use of your capital investment.

LBIS’ experience coupled with structural and geotechnical engineering consultants yields access to a wide range of foundation methods value-engineered for the specific soil conditions of your Dome Storage Project.