Conceptual Design

Conceptual design is an important, but often neglected step in the plant development process. Better plant performance and greater cost savings can be realized through a properly executed conceptual design rather than at any other phase of the project.

Insightful process selection, knowledgeable preliminary equipment sizing, and an efficient layout require years of experience. A realistic preliminary cost estimate will ensure that the subsequent budget and ROI analysis represent a true picture of the project economics, in order to avoid later surprises.

LBIS has the experience needed to get your conceptual design right the first time. We have pioneered long-distance; dense phase pneumatic conveying and vacuum reclaim from large flat bottom storage silos as well as many other material handling equipment configurations.

We have analyzed transportation logistics in combination with storage location and sizing. LBIS personnel are hands-on designers and constructors. The LBIS conceptual design and cost estimate will provide what you need to secure project funding.