Weighing & Scales

LBIS offers truck and rail scale equipment that can assist in loading bulk powder material into tanker trucks or railcars. Truck scales are utilized to measure the weight in the truck as it is being loaded, and a control system will fill the truck to the correct gross weight programmed by the operator.

A more sophisticated system can be added where the driver swipes a key card, and the control system uses stored information to fill the truck to its gross weight, and then prints a ticket. No other operator would be needed. An operator control booth can be installed in the silo support structure to monitor loading operations.

LBIS also offers transfer vessels that incorporate loadcells for inventory control and data logging. Logging of the weight will assist in calculating the transfer rate and how much material is transferred where.

Truck Scale, Loadout Scale
Two silo loadouts with truck scales
Inventor Control, Vessel Weighing
Dense Phase Transfer Vessels with Loadcells