Bulk Material Conditioning

LBIS offers conditioning systems to better assist with dust-free load-out and clean disposal operations. A conditioner mixes a dry powder with a liquid in a precise ratio to produce a product that can easily be loaded into your transport equipment. The conditioner mixes the material with liquid inside of a tub and agitates the mixture with paddles. The tub and paddles can be constructed with stainless steel or epoxy lined to be more compatible with your material characteristics and ease of operational cleaning and maintenance.

LBIS offers a range of reclaim or landfill receiving and conditioning equipment that provides solutions to various challenges.

PAC Portable Conditioner

PAC portable conditioner receives material arriving from long-distance pneumatic conveying pipelines and feeds a skid mount conditioner and stacking conveyor. The

MACS Mobile Conditioning

MACS mobile conditioning system has a dust-controlled dump hood in which covered dump trucks deliver material to be conditioned and stockpiled. A fixed version of the dust-controlled dump hood system is also available. For delivery by pressure tanker trucks a trailer mount silo and conditioner system is deployed.