Pressure Fly Ash Conveying System

Pressure Fly Ash Conveying System

Pressure fly ash conveying is the system often specified for new installations to transfer moderate to large amounts of material to storage / loadout facilities at remote locations of the plant.

View the system diagram below to see the components comprising the pressure conveying system. A rotary screw compressor produces transfer air to supply pressure feeder vessels and the conveying line. Automatic hopper valves open in sequence allowing fly ash to fall into a pressure feeder vessel under each hopper.

The pressure conveying pipeline extends to the vertical riser pipe on the silo which delivers fly ash to the roof mounted inlet box. Transfer air is run through a coalescing filter. Each row of pressure vessels can be transferred into the branch line simultaneously permitting efficient transfer with fewer valves.

Dense Phase High Capacity Conveying

Top discharge feeders force material into the line ahead of the transport air making for a high solids-to-air ratio. Dense phase conveying means higher transfer rates and lower velocities. This helps reduce wear to fittings in the system.

Pressure Conveying Benefits
  • Convey material from hopper to storage with pressure all the way
  • Unload one row of feeders at once – unique system requires fewer valves
  • Reduce height requirement under hoppers with low profile feeders
  • Suspend feeders from hoppers – flexible discharge hose isolates movement
  • Run carbon steel pipe on straight routes
  • Apply wear resistant hardened fittings with heat-treated spool pieces at high wear bend locations only
  • Hold conveying velocities to the optimum range for material suspension and low wear characteristics
Pressure Transfer Vessel-Top Discharge
  • Sizes available from 10 cu. ft. to 250 cu. ft
  • Large, full-diameter bottom airpad assures thorough aeration
  • Top discharge provides even “metering” of ash into transfer line
  • Full interior access for easy visual inspection
  • Everlasting® dual rotating disk valves in high wear position
Pressure Transfer Vessel-Bottom Discharge
  • Sizes available range from 25 to 100cu ft capacity
  • Cone bottom with airpads assure positive aeration & flow for more positive aeration & flow for more granular materials
  • Externally replaceable airpad reduce maintenance down time